From the author;

I wrote “I HUNT U” as the first of the “Ian West” series based upon the real life of a Daytona Beach, Florida Bounty Hunter, Ira Wendorf, who just happens to be my better half.
Ira had over 1,000 captures during his thirteen year career in Florida as a Surety Agent without incident. Ian West, the fiction version of Ira, not so much in the “luck department”.

My inspiration for this series comes from a few different areas. After listening to the many fascinating stories from my husband’s days as a Bounty Hunter. As he would tell me each story in my mind I silently sat crafting this alter ego persona “Ian West” who was two parts Ira and one third really messed up in a lot of ways.

The other characters in the book are equally interesting and you will find they each have a story to tell.

I study under all of the best selling fiction authors and lean towards the thriller genre. Ira kept asking me to write about the “truth” behind being a Surety Agent. According to his reading of the novel when complete, I met the goal, and then some!

If you enjoy fast paced dynamic story-lines as much as I do, then this book should be the next addition to your reading collection. I would appreciate your feedback if you will please take the time to post a review.

As with all great fiction,remember, this may or may not have happened, once upon a time.

Happy Reading,

Kathleen Wendorf is a published author who in 2009 was featured on “The Morning Show” for her book “Confessions of a Serial Traveler” which is about saving money on travel and “Saving Madness” an everyday savings guide. Later as a NESTA Sports Yoga Instructor certified by Dr. John Spencer Ellis, she went on to publish “Aquatacise” an aerobic water workout book and “Chillin’ with Buddha” a 52-week yoga study. She is also a featured writer for the Examiner and an Orphanage Pen Pal.

Kathleen grew up in the Tri-State area and spent her teenage years in a tiny City of Port Jervis, New York home to author Stephen Crane and only a half hour drive from where her favorite Mentor James Patterson grew up. Kathleen followed the evolution of Mr. Patterson the world’s best-selling author and was elated to study under his Master Class. Kathleen attributes Mr. Patterson’s teachings as the final inspiration that she needed to write her first fictional novel “I HUNT U”.

Kathleen says she was fortunate to spend a year in Key West, the home of Hemingway and like the famed author found her passion for both writing and cats ten-fold surrounded by the majestic beauty that is the Florida Keys. When Kathleen returned from her journey, she went on to write a children’s book “Mimi wakes up in Key West” to assist in promoting reading literacy. Kathleen has found an interest the past few years also as a screenwriter.

Kathleen is a Mom to an amazing son Jacob, has a magnificent husband Ira and three cats, one of which is “Mimi”. On any given day she can be found studying yoga and tending to the local cats. Kathleen believes strongly in each person using their God-Given Spiritual gifts to serve one another and is grateful for the chance to express herself as a literary craftsperson.

Chapter 29, I HUNT U – Kathleen Wendorf

Ian’s phone rang it was Sal. ” I know what you need to
do Wildcard.” “They have spoken.”
“What is that, Sal?” I sat upright in my bed at least I had
four hours of sleep since my return.
“You need to go to Suarez and start digging.”
“Mexico?” are you sure?
“Spirits don’t lie Wildcard, Suarez.”
“I can meet you at the airport in L.A. and we can drive
over from there incognito.”
“Well, I can’t go right now Sal but let me get back to you
on that.”
“Okay, but understand Ian, it’s not just about this
crushed cell phone man”, “Spirit guides said she is there so
either you go or I go, or like I said, we go together.”
” Sal, give me two days that’s all I need, I’ll call you then.”
Sal hung up, true to his nature of never saying more than
necessary. I shook my head.
He remembered V.S.’s text the other night about the
Mexican is here. Could he be there?
It’s not like I doubted Sal’s vision, not at all, but I had a
hunch that I had to know for sure. I went down to the marina
and rented a Boston Whaler. I showed my Surety Agent
license and handed the assistant my credit card and fifteen
minutes later I was headed out of the channel.

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